Sense of Wonder is a curated web-based exhibition in perpetual progress based on the action-reaction principle. Living in different countries, it gives us an opportunity to exchange visual thoughts using our moving and still images as means of communication between each other.

Jagoda Wisniewska / Katarina Svobodova / Petra Rjabinin /
Agatha Albert / Katarzyna Branicka

Jagoda Wisniewska in her practice often explores ideas of performativity and the portraiture. She's deeply interested in challenging the depiction of human relationships and it's duality through photographic medium. She lives and works in Switzerland as an independent photographer.

Katarína Svobodová is interested in exploring various life events and situations by placing and documenting her own body within natural environments. Recently she’s been inspired by comparing adults and children and photographic examination of humans in general.

Petra Rjabinin is interested in observing human interventions in nature through photography. Her inspiration comes from light and dark. She studied and works as a product photographer.

Agatha Albert is a photographer currently living in Slovakia. Her stories deal with seemingly impersonal topics, but are in fact closely related to her current mental preoccupations. She strives to comprehend established status quo via visually deconstructing historical or scientific narratives and their lasting impact on our contemporary unconscious.

Katarzyna Branicka studies relationship between the heritage and places which revolve around the modern human. She is obsessed with staging and theatricality and her series are often mise-en-scene of old as well as digital processes blended together to resemble their temporality and sensitivity. Katarzyna lives in France, where she runs a photographic atelier.